October 28, 2017 by Medvisor

5 Key Reasons Doctors and Surgeons Need Accountants and Tax Agents

Doctors need accountants to help them negotiate the specific and complex financial requirements associated with the medical sector. It is therefore essential that any accountant who is employed must have built up a substantial experience of working with medical professionals. Whether they are GPs, hospital doctors or locums, medical practitioners should benefit from the accounting, practice management, tax, and pension consultancy that only a suitably qualified accountant can rightly provide. more

October 23, 2017 by Medvisor
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Tips on maintaining a healthy cash flow

The concept of cash flow should first be properly understood for a complete grasp of how to manage and sustain it. The concept of cash flow is fairly simple: your business uses cash to create goods or services for your customers, and you collect the cash back (of course with an increase for profit) from those customers. The cycle of cash flowing in and out is tracked using a Cash Flow Statement. Managing your cash flow is the key to sustainable growth over the long term, so here are a few tips t more

September 28, 2017 by Medvisor
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Smart Tax Payment and Auditing are vital for true success

An audit as explained by Wikipedia is a systematic and independent examination of books, accounts, statutory records, documents and vouchers of organizations to ascertain how far the financial statement, as well as non-financial disclosure, present a true and fair view of the concern. Such a fancy definition for a process meant to detect discrepancies. ‘Audire’ is the Latin word for ‘hear’ which is what British auditors did back when book-keeping was manual. They listened as the accounts more

September 18, 2017 by Medvisor
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A business advisor may just be the difference between a failing business and a successful one

A very large number of the world’s adult population earn their living by having to wake up every day and engage in a number of activities that leave them exhausted and yearning for some deserved food along with rest at the end of the day. Professionals such as lawyers, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, engineers etc. usually get decent salaries, wages and bonus packages from providing their daily services to their clients and employers. That is an agreeable fact right? Well maybe not for a few more

September 11, 2017 by Medvisor
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Financial Planning Mistakes That Every Medical Business Advisor Need To Know

When it comes to forecasting the future, no medical advisor has a crystal ball in front of them. Medical businesses have the ability to determine how the cash flow and other financial elements may appear in the coming period. Besides, if not addressed properly, they make some common mistakes which can lead to exponentially large problems. So, it’s better to understand these mistakes in advance in order to ensure proper financial planning. Here are a few common financial planning mistakes th more