Overseas Employment

Australian residents are taxed on their worldwide income. If you are working and thinking about working overseas, then will also need to take into account the tax law of the country you are working in. However, you need to work out whether you are still an Australian Resident for tax purposes.The residency test is very important to consider. You may think that you are working is low tax or a tax free country and do not have to pay any tax in Australia. But you will be surprised to know that as per residency test you are still classified as resident of Australian tax purposes which may mean that you may have to pay tax in Australia.

Australia has double tax treaty with many countries which means that you may not pay tax on the same earning twice. However, we recommend that you carefully do the cost and benefit analysis before making your decisions. Many times we have found that overseas employment is less beneficial to the client as compared to their earning on the current job.


Some of the question that our client asks us in the past:

  • We are getting an opportunity in low tax or tax free country such as Dubai; do I still need to pay tax here in Australia?
  • Do I need to pay tax twice (overseas as well as in Australia) on the same overseas income?
  • What is Double Tax Agreement and how does it work?
  • Am I being a resident if I move overseas? If so, what is the residency test?
  • Is VISA is a factor in determining my residency status?
  • What if I stay overseas and do not want to come back?

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