Overseas Travel

It is very common for medical professionals, CEOs and Directors to travel overseas for education and training, conferences and seminars and other business/work related purposes.
Generally, you should be able to claim all your travel expenses, including food and accommodation, as long as travel is related for your work/business purposes and the can be substantiated by appropriate documentation.

Due to the high cost as well as strict ATO documentation requirement, we at recommend to our client to discuss and understand how you can best benefit from your overseas travel.

Below is the supporting documents and information usually required by the ATO:

  • What was the purpose of the trip overseas?
  • Did your employer request that you travel overseas?
  • Details of your current employment duties and how the travel relates to your employment.
  • If you have already undertaken your travel, provide a copy of your travel diary.
  • Did you receive a travel allowance from anyone or were you reimbursed for any of the expenses incurred? If so, how much did you receive?
  • Did you take any leave to travel overseas? If yes, what type of leave did you take?
  • What date did you leave Australia and what date did you return?
  • Did the trip contain a private component? If yes, provide details.
  • How did you apportion expenses to cover the private component?
  • Did anyone accompany you on the trip overseas? If yes, who and what was your relationship with them?
  • What did they do while you were doing work-related activities?
  • Have you claimed, or do you intend to claim, any expenses for this person?
  • What expenses did you incur or will you incur on the trip overseas?
  • Do you have evidence to substantiate the expenses (for example, a diary or receipts)?

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