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As the year begins a lot of people take a look at the things that they did wrong in the past years or things that they did not attempt to do at all hence they try to make things right in the new year. Those who did things wrong attempt to do them in a better way or at least promise to try to do so while those who did not attempt to do things that they ought to promise to attempt them. All of these things are done in hopes that their lives will be better with the resolutions. Most resolutions more

January 12, 2018 by Medvisor
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Debt Management and How you can help yourself?

According to, Debt Management is defined as “A unique strategy developed to help a debtor manage their debt. This strategy is usually developed and implemented by an outside company or organization on behalf of the debtor, usually, because the debtor is unable to sufficiently manage their debt on their own, due to lack of knowledge or because they are overwhelmed by the amount of debt.” By this definition, it is clear that this process usually involves employing someone more

December 19, 2017 by Medvisor

MEDVISOR is your best bet for exquisite financial solutions

There is an unbelievably tremendous amount of change that occurs in the rules and regulations governing how medical and health care provision services should be run, the finance and tax calculations aspects are not left out of this changes. Amidst these changes, GPs have fared no better. Increased bureaucracy, extended opening hours, additional services and new regulation have resulted in increased working hours, all against a backdrop of escalating financial challenge. As more

November 22, 2017 by Medvisor
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Financial Advice for new Doctors, Dentists and Medical Practitioners

Many junior medical officers & dentists start their careers with a base income of around $80,000. This then moves quickly through the hundred-thousand-dollar mark, and finally into the vicinity of several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year once specialist training is complete. After collecting student loans and other debts to see yourself through the period of training, it seems easy to start repaying those debts and getting a house, your first choice of expenditure which will not be a more

November 10, 2017 by Medvisor
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What information does a doctor need to know about his accounts?

A doctor’s office is a service-based business in which patients pay for the doctor’s services, and occasionally pay for testing performed as well as medication administered in the doctor’s office. As such, a doctor’s office must maintain accounting records so patients and their insurance companies can be billed correctly for the services the doctor performed. In addition to payments rendered by patients, doctors must collect and record a variety of additional accounting figures, includin more