Financial Planning Mistakes That Every Medical Business Advisor Need To Know

September 11, 2017 by Medvisor
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When it comes to forecasting the future, no medical advisor has a crystal ball in front of them. Medical businesses have the ability to determine how the cash flow and other financial elements may appear in the coming period. Besides, if not addressed properly, they make some common mistakes which can lead to exponentially large problems. So, it’s better to understand these mistakes in advance in order to ensure proper financial planning.

Here are a few common financial planning mistakes that every medical business advisor need to know:

  1. No Financial Roadmap

  2. Creating a roadmap will clear a medical business advisor’s mind to know which direction he/she needs to go. It is very important for an advisor to have an accurate starting point.

    A roadmap will give an advisor a clear picture. From this, an advisor can analyze the tax returns of the preceding and the subsequent year and take a brief look on the expenditures on a month-by-month basis to determine the monthly cash flow.

    If the cash flow is negative, then achieving cash flow should be of utmost priority. This can be accomplished by an advisor in three ways:

    • Reducing the amount spent each month.
    • Increase the income received each month
    • Win the lottery

    Once an advisor has defined a cash flow and net worth, then he/she is ready to put together a financial plan.

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  3. Investment Choices

  4. With so many types of medical equipment becoming available each year, it seems like an absolute age for practices looking forward to make keen investments. Still, investing in expensive equipment is something that a Medical Business Advisor should never do without extreme caution, as it could turn out to be an utter waste of money.

    For example, 3D printing equipment. This can be very advantageous in the office of the medical advisors as it is regularly used.

    By authorizing poor investment choices, an advisor will lead to set a practice up for failure.

  5. Never Look at the Risks

  6. Financial returns and risks go hand in hand. In many cases, medical business advisors can claim to be risk-averse investors. These risks include:

    • Inflation risk
    • Market risk
    • Interest rate risk
    • Economic Risk
    • Specific Risk

    Remember, these things can go wrong even if they seem at the right path, and having an exit strategy to avoid risk is always a wise idea.

Final Words

For a medical business advisor, making the right moves can be really difficult, but, avoiding the wrong moves can be even harder. So, practice foresight will be of great help to an advisor.

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