Finding the Right Accountant for your Medical Business in Melbourne

March 15, 2017 by Medvisor

We all are picky about the doctors when we see something wrong. You don’t want an MD specializing in orthopedics if you have a problem in your Spine. Likewise, you would not want to look for a large animal vet when your hamster is wheezy. You would go to a specialist! You would find a professional who has been trained in that particular area, for this is the only way you would get an appointment you need. If you are picky about such things, why wouldn’t you be picky about the accountant you are choosing for your medical business?

Managing accounts for doctors is difficult. Primarily, it depends on if the practice is private or under the national health services. Each practice brings along its own taxes and tax reductions. If it is an in-house practice, the space and items within can be written off. Other than these, there are innumerous things that can be written off, provided that you follow certain rules. Only an accountant specializing in medical professionals will know the rules, deductions and be able to handle them in the best suited way for your establishment.

Furthermore, you need an accountant who can understand the varying payments you receive. The payments can be in the form of consultation fees, operational fees, training fees received from trainees, as well as the different rental incomes. An accountant who specializes in medical professionals will know how to manage all these.

Convinced yet? Good! But how should you find one?

You can very simply search Google about ‘Accountants for doctors’ which will fetch you an extended list of anyone who has managed to get on Google’s radar with their website. How can you be certain that you have found someone reliable and reputable? Is being on Page 1 of the search engine result pages a good sign or should you persevere and scan the selections through all the eight pages?  Neither of them! You should only rely on the same thing that drives clients to their door i.e. the reputation!

To give you a comfortable place to start, we have put together a few traits that are quite essential if you want to ensure that your business gets solid financials.

Choose someone who has an assortment of services

You may think of taxes when you consider what role an accountant will play in your business. Though they do help, a practiced accountant will be able to offer a lot more than just tax returns.

Choose someone local

Keep your friends close, but your accountant closer!

Imagine, a serious issue has transpired with your tax records, or you have discovered some financial disaster and need advice urgently. If your accounting firm is halfway across Australia, you will be helpless to deal with your concern as easily as someone who is just next door.

Glitches happen, even with the perfect book-keeping. Quicker responses and superior knowledge of your place in the native market can be a boon to any business.

Choose someone who knows your profession and is well informed

General accounting is great, but what regarding your specialist medical profession? If you work as a medical professional with ever-changing laws, you need someone who is not only aware of the everyday running of the business, but also is informed about any legislation change that may affect your enterprise uniquely.

So, opt in for an accountant who not only says that he knows what he is doing, but does really know and can prove it. At Medvisor Consultants, We aim to provide you the best advice, not just when you ask for but when your business needs it. This is the reason why we are known as the best Accountants for Doctors in Melbourne.

We help medical practitioners manage every aspect of their business and since we are best to establish one-on-one relationships with each other, our advices are tailor made for all business services. We ensure to get the best results with our flexible and adaptive services. We promise that our services are exhaustive, our knowledge is current and our outlook is innovative. For more information, visit our website here.

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