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December 19, 2017 by Medvisor

There is an unbelievably tremendous amount of change that occurs in the rules and regulations governing how medical and health care provision services should be run, the finance and tax calculations aspects are not left out of this changes. Amidst these changes, GPs have fared no better. Increased bureaucracy, extended opening hours, additional services and new regulation have resulted in increased working hours, all against a backdrop of escalating financial challenge. As such, it is imperative to use the financial tools available to you to make sound business decisions on which to grow the practice and secure your profit share.

Most accountants are not considered to be friends by their clients because of the way they handle their client’s affairs. But there are a few accountants who are not impersonal in handling client’s affairs, they understand the environment in which clients operate and they take a proactive step to engage the clients in a way that they can be well understood all through the year. These accountants due to their rareness are considered invaluable. Numbers, especially those included within accounts, often appear as a foreign language to many but the Medical Services teams in Medvisor Consultants can translate the numbers into a language that you will understand, enabling you to comprehend the financial dynamics of your practice.

You will know that you need the services of one of these priceless accountants when your answer to any of the following questions is not what you would like it to be.

Do you have a complete understanding of your financial statements?

Do you have questions on the impact of annual contract changes on your practice income?

Any confusion on how your profitability compares to your neighboring practices?

Have you been advised on how to minimize your tax liabilities?

Do you know which costs you incur are ‘allowable deductions’ for income tax calculation purposes?

Hearing about VAT but do not know if your practice should be VAT registered or not or perhaps you have registered but not getting appropriate VAT advice?

At Medvisor we adopt an interactive approach with our clients and it has proven to be effective over the years. We meet with our customers regularly at different occasions and make sure their financial situations are explained to them in a language that they can totally comprehend.

So if you are a doctor, dentist, GP in need of financial advice or accounting services including tax Services and you are in Melbourne Australia, then Medvisor Consultants is your best bet. We have professionals spanning a wide range of financial and accounting services. We have consultants who are highly qualified as GP accountants, Dental and Medical business advisors. They keenly handle finance for medical professionals. Our Melbourne accountants are already serving as accounts for doctors receiving positive feedback for their services and they are available to serve you as well. We are very confident about handling your tax as well, only if you trust us with it and you should. We have tax agents in Chelsea serving as tax agents for many Medical practitioners in the country. We offer experience, versatility and intelligence; these put us ahead of others in the business of providing financial advice and other accounting related services to medical professionals.

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